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don’t wait, get rid.

A long day spent with family. I miss hanging out with the three pain-in-the-crack kiddos, my lil brother n the other two devils born in same year. Didn’t spent the whole day with them, the most obstinate one gotta leave for her date with the mice-crucifier. heh. So yeap, got dragged into watching Santau for the second time – i hope everyone will take some time to watch this movie in the cinema. It’s definitely better than Jangan Pandang Belakang, or Jangan Tegur- pokoknya jangan tengok itu semua – Watch this one, it’s based on a true experience btw, and plus it has quite an emotional storyline towards the end. heh.

Dinner at Rubinah and the uncle started to talk about his neverending golf games and lecturing us with his stories about making good business, of which was weirdly interesting and made us asked questions. lol. Betul jugak kata dia – Kalau org tu patut dipecat, kenalah tegas, ini semua untuk kebaikan syarikat, pasal dia boleh carik kerja bila-bila masa pat luar, tapi kalau dia disimpan dan terus mendatangkan keburukan untuk syarikat, padah akibatnya kita jugak yg menanggung, bukan senang nak bukak and maintain business woo. It  left me thinking. Still envious with the Chinese business culture, licik dan pandai meraih keuntungan tanpa ada istilah perasaan hasad dengki di hati, murah hati lagi ada. Tetap untung punyer. Manyak baguii.. 😉

Came back to check on my emails. I got a reminder about a certain event enquiring on my participation. It’s the first time they’re having it and of course am eager to be part of it. But actually it should have been settled on my behalf. Hmm. If nothing has been done, does that mean i have to do it myself or wait wait wait wait wait again.huh? again? oh no. Just one more day perhaps. I need to dwnload and print some stuffs. I just realised that i needed to reinstall the printer drive to my lenovo. Yikes! The cd cannot read liao, am using Windows 7 now and the cd cud only process up to Windows XP. bummer. So now am trynna dwnload the new driver online. Lucky Hp has this service online, but hope all’s good.

I wanna watch Daybreakers and The Blind Side. Would you go with me? Heh.


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