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7 days of commitment

submitted my entries on the forum, i’ve gotta be extra careful with dates from now on. thanks for being so meticulous about things. could be a worrisome at times. heh. heard about this whole gaga over the apple’s new product, ipad. checked it out online – cool stuff of what. nah, i would prolly love it better as a gift, for now i’m still very much in love with my lenovo lol. i need a new mobile soon, a second one actually – for work purpose. hee. iphone or blackberry? maybe in the nearest month or so.

still thinking and deciding what to sing this busy weekend. lol. family events – hmm, not that hard to decide aye. suria carnival this saturday at east coast park. there’s gonna be performances from many artistes, heard that our long-lost brother khairil yusof is gonna make his debut performance after so long – if i’m not wrong, spotted his name on the list. heh. there’ll be some mini soccer tournament between artistes n fans – tot it’s gonna b very interesting. movie screening at night till the end of event – by the beach, under the moon, quite syiook ah.

i’m very much interested to know if there’s any plans after the whole event ends. lol. boys being boys. good luck to the buddy taking his TP tomorrow – only then we’ll get the APV on Sat nyte to roam around! lol.

sunday – action for aids roadshow at wdlands community centre. check streetdirectory to find out exact location of the place. heh. come on down from noon onwards. monday i’ll be having the recording for Hooray Hooray – remember K-nite? yeah, a new game show by the awesome JTeam. Thanks for having me. I hope to see the fans coming down. hee.

gonna be a long week actually..from tuesday onwards, rehearsals gonna start for Suria Elektra. I wish i have alil bit more time on stage thou. Heh. That’s for being very pro-Suria cos i was practically born in the channel. hmm. nvm, i dream. hope all’s gonna be good. the main motivation – to meet the mentor. whee. (if only..i shud write a note to god. :p)

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