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save your weewee.

i remembered these words from somewhere some time ago. ‘do we need validation from friends, on sincerity and things that we do in the name of friendship?’. nah, not trynna be sarcastic but prolly we need to realise that it takes more than just chilling/hanging out/bitching to prove the worthiness of a good company.

the annoying glares, deliberate stares and the questioning looks from the surrounding makes you feel uncomfortable. i start to doubt if the rest were also putting up an act. whatever that was told to be done, or acted as a sermon that controls and drives your feelings and emotions towards me, i’m not bothered to know. i’ve already tried to drift myself away from all the negative vibes, and i don’t see the reason to retaliate – thou i sumtimes feel the urge to,  but i know it will only put me in a disadvantage.

Im Sad

it’s rather impulsive to make all the nasty assumptions and contribute to more negativities that has been around our surroundings. to feel underappreciated? be in my shoes and then show your angst.

and i’m not the suck-up balls type, teach me if i need to. if you’re a friend, be with me – not be driven by your surroundings and stay in a corner to save your own weewee.

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