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PopAgenda Debuts

I felt the mega-annoying itch to blog about this immediately after the shoot for the first episode of Popagenda, late last month but i thought it wud be better to talk bout it after it airs on tv. Bummer, i missed the first episode, i missed watching myself and Maiya goin thru another round of ‘judging’ by some professional panels from our regional music industry.

It’s a wakeup call to all our local artistes. Thanks to the super-creative-brain-juice of Mr Najip Ali and his whole fun-wacky team. I was thrilled to be part of the show but nonetheless it gave me alil bit of confidence to face more serious comments from people who are much more experienced in the Real music industry. Nah, we’re not just talking about comments like ‘you’re there!’, ‘you’re cute’ yada yada…this one’s more brutal and realistic.

Ajai(ex member of Exist, wellknown composer/producer/singer) and Yovie(of Yovie&Nuno) gave some advice and notes on on my performances. ‘Popular’ represented the vibrant me, and my tendancy to interact too much with the audience, of which the panels didnt really like my too-close-connection with the audience. I was asked to not bother too much about the audience and be on stage to do my thing. ‘They come to watch you, so dun bother about them n Just perform’. What do YOU think about that? Hmm. Prolly it depends on the situation lah. I dun think i wanna syiook sendiri on stage all the time, and interacting doesn’t compromise a sub-standard performance from me i reckon.

On a good note, Jac liked my rendition of her song Tiada Lagi Indah, which was composed by Ajai himself. I’m glad they liked it and complimented on my vocal performance – of which i felt is the most important thing!. The second performance improved their perception of me. Alhamdulillah.

Okay nevermind bout that, i was more intrigued with Kak Hanim’s(BH writer) comment about the need to have an Alpha-Male voice in our industry. Only after the shoot, i realised that i could take the chance to be alil more straightforward with my answers. Oh wells, beats me for being too polite sometimes. At least i learnt something out of the programme. I kept mum and smile throughout that ‘very-expected’ comment from her. The big hoohaa bout my effeminate looks and the too-nice-too-polite-respect-elderly character since my Anugerah days. It stayed till now, even after five years, no matter how much stubbles or facial hair i tried to grow, lol. I havent tried controversies on having scandals or tried flashing on stage, prolly that would change the perception in an instant. heh kidding.

About having the Alpha-Male voice, or ‘suara jantan’. I’m not too sure if i need to succumb to one person’s opinion when i’m truly honoured to be liked for my present vocals, proved on its versatility for many genres, and to be appreciated by people of all ages from the young ones to the old folks. I’m blessed to have quite a high range for a guy, thou it’s sometimes quite hard to blend in with the ‘abg2 suara deep’. But that doesn’t define how good a singer is ryte? Moreover, we already have Eiss and Fuad Rahman,whom i haf much respect for. Then why do we need more ‘abg2 suara jantan’ ? Heh. Our industry is already so small and trying so hard to expand..we can’t afford to have all the guys to sound the same. Prolly we need to categorize the type of singers we have. I dun see myself reciprocating what Jamal Abdillah or M.Nasir already has done, i have to set my own character with my own distinctive style of singing. But yeap, if u want me to sing their songs, i’ve got no problem, but to sing it purposely with ‘suara jantan’ – hmm, i’ll show you what i can do with mine.

I’m just saying what i feel i shud have said to Kak Hanim on the show. lol. But i know this issue would be raised by her. Nonetheless, i respect her personal views and she has always shared her views/advice with me. Huhuhu. For Yovie and Ajai, i’m only hoping that their decision on the willingness to work with me would be for Real, cos it would really mean alot for the future of my career. I need more guidance and i’m willing to learn.

I’m only waiting and working for opportunities. I hope some better doors will open soon. Been through so much nightmares this 5 years, and i’ve truly learnt alot. You think its so easy huh? And i wouldn’t be so strong without the fans and supporters.

Thank you to all who have watched the show. Thanks to the bunch of Hyrulites who were there, and definitely to 2M for having me in the debut of PopAgenda. c”,)

Psst Psst: Jaclyn Victor told one of 2M staff that i sounded alil like Anuar Zain (when i sang her song)…Dat’s a compliment sumhow.. huhuhuh 😉

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  1. projectvoa
    February 8, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    why am i not surprised the composer segment got edited out of the aired version on SURiA.

    maybe we don’t see the importance of composers and lyricist in Singapore, unlike Malaysia and Indonesia and most parts of the world.

    anyways I heard Ajai mentioned, “kalau takde composer, orang tu tak nyanyi atas pentas pun..” in a sashayin-relek-one-corner manner to someone among the audiences. hehehehe

    then again, this is dunia hiburan Singapura.. sebab seni takde dunia kat sini.


  2. guest
    February 9, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    You really did well for PopAganda. You sang and dance well too.
    A point to note, in order to be a good singer and artist you will need to relate and communicate well with the public and fans who support you (whether you know them or not).
    Don’t take it too hard, but I’ve noticed that you only relate to your friends and family a lot but not to your FANS unlike other artist in Singapore. Many people whom i know likes you as a Singapore malay artist start to drift to support other artist then you.
    All the best in your singing career and good luck for your future endeavor.

  3. February 9, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    Hie guest.
    Thank you for your comment, and the compliments prior to the show.
    Nonetheless i beg to differ with the point about my only-close-relation with family and friends. I’m sure u’ve heard about Hyrulites, and we’re an active bunch constantly organising gatherings and events. I think u and your frens might have missed out on that.
    It’s fun to be down in the ground, participating in the event organised by the fans themselves. I’m sure i’m one of the first ones to start on this effort. I’d love to see more and more new faces in the group, and wish to see YOU and your Friends to be in it. Do keep urself updated bout my events on my facebook, twitter or the official website(currently in renovation).
    Bout being close to frens and family..I dun force my frens to come down for my event unless if i need them around, and for family – theyre the backbone to my success all this while, likewise for the fans. I’m thrilled to have the fans with me since 2005 days.
    I welcome any sincere fans to come down for my shows and leave me notes/msgs online. Quality fans, better than quantity aye 😉
    Trust me, i’m one of your most approachable local artiste. Peace.

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