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Rentak Cilik Musical

I had such an amazing time entertaining and be-entertained by these bunch of fantastic, remarkably talented kids. Been a superduper great experience to be part of this special musical organised by 2M- Thank u for having me! The kids were awesome – i had to keep up to the high blast of energy and geared up with full of enthusiasm. I was 10, for dat two days! 😉

Najip Ali and his amazing ideas, with the superfun bunch 2M peeps – i love working with them! Kak Rilla and Fadly were great mentors to the kids, i bet they’ve learnt alot from them. I was especially impressed with their ability to act, present and cast away all fears on stage – Fadly did an amazing job with the lil ones who acted in the skits. Badang, Puteri Gunung Ledang and Sang Kancil

The dancers – fantastic kids, under the guidance of Ewan – simply fastastic as they are. I can sumhow foresee the future – of well-synchonised boybands and girlbands, with mad cool choreography. lol. I felt like some big brother, proud of my young ones. Haha. Oh wells, the show certainly brought the kid in me to live. I can’t wait for the series to start!


The three little stooges, with their hair styled by Abang Hyrul Anuar

Vanity starts at a very young age

The awesome bunch of talents

On stage, rehearsing with Uncle Jip

For those who missed the show at Esplanade, boohoo..but fret not, the series will be coming soon. c”,)

I’m missing all the kids already! Haha.

For more photos, check out my Fanpage. Add me up! 😉

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