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i root for you, you, you, but do u root for me?

This is one of the negative indices to ineffective teamwork, and a major indication to the incapability of a group to attain mutual effort in accomplishing a goal – all lies in the hands of the players themselves.

It questions an individual’s principles and how rooted they are to their initial objectives, before the influences of other factors that leds to the diversification in ideas, opinions and making a vast move in their own stand. Often we hear the words ‘be true to oneself’ – applicable to a situation like this. Doesn’t make any sense if you decide on staying in a group just because you are not given the same respect or recognition from the others. Some would ditch their own team, for a better position elsewhere. ‘I shouldn’t have listened to them, i should have stayed with my old team. I got dumped by both. How dumb!’ – and they suddenly start questioning themselves.

Influences come in many forms. By words, actions or rewards given in various ways. It serves to allure an individual to make a move from the original path and make a ‘change’ for themselves. Positive or negative? It’s how you see it. It’s how the individual determine will benefit themselves in the future.

If things used to be perfectly fine, with no regrets and you believe you’ve made the right choice – then other external influences only serve as a negative drive. Moreover if this has managed to wreck the stability of the initial team and caused much turmoils amongst the players themselves. Nevertheless, if you believe you have not gotten what you deserve, and has thoughts of leaving – with positive vibes coming from external influences- then you should be making the right choice to make that important decision.

Weigh your contribution for the team, and what they have contributed to your lives. If there was one key player in the team, evaluate the amount of investment he/she has sacrificed for the team as compared to what the rest might or not willing to give. Why leave to satisfy the need of others when you yourself can contribute so much more for the team? Build and enhance it, channel your strengths and capability for the team and convert it into an achievement so that the rest of you could share together.

This is not about being selfish or simply ignorant about the others, but what do they benefit from tapping our strengths when they do not have much to start with. You can’t provide another team with all your resources, without even thinking of your own, and as a result they are able to claim all the credits and enjoy the luxury of attaining ‘cheap accomplishment’.

In a team. Everyone goes hand in hand. Everyone is equally important. Shut your eyes, and mute yourselves to external influences whom will cause your team to fall apart. Then again, quality is better than quantity. Set your principles right, and evaluate the amount of contributions made throughout being with the team.

But even if your team is doing good, never brag about it.

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