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Gentarasa 2010

I’ll be on Gentarasa 2010!
Thank YOU for the opportunity. It’s my first grand scale musical. I hope to see YOU there!
Get your tickets NOW!!

This year, MESRA will be organising its 9th Gentarasa in conjuction with the PA 50th Anniversary. The event will be held on 19 June 2010 (Saturday) at the UCC Hall.

@—>– History of Gentarasa –<—@

The People’s Association Malay Activity Executive Committees Council (MESRA) along with all Malay Activity Executive Committees (MAECs), is organising the Gentarasa 2010 (themed Bringing People Together – to commemorate PA’s 50th Anniversary).

Gentarasa was initiated by Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources and Adviser to MESRA, in 2002 to foster awareness and appreciation of Malay culture in our multi-racial society. Gentarasa also serves as an important platform for the Malay performing groups active at the Community Clubs/Centres (CCs) to showcase their talent in Malay performing arts.

Gentarasa literally means “Chimes of Expression.” It translate the many voices of expressions from the heart of the Malay community. These voices reverberate from the vast talents that exist in the community activity groups in the hopes to raise community awareness and appreciation of the Malay culture, elevate the standard of Malay cultural groups, talent scout and develop them.


@—>– Intro to Gentarasa 2010 : Mara-Mara (Moving Forward) –<—@

A 75-minute musical and cultural performance featuring a young Singaporean Malay boy, Shafiq, and his grandfather sharing stories on growing up in Singapore – past and present. In reminiscence of his grandfather’s recount, Shafiq is inspired to be a complete Singaporean doing his bit together with his friends for the future of Singapore…

@—>– Contact Details –<—@

For more information, kindly call 6340 5346 or email noormah.azizi@gmail.com

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