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See you on the 24th June’10!

Thank you to ALL who have submitted their details, to be part of my debut album launch.
Here are the names of the lucky fans :

Nur Ainah Sazali
Noratiyah Saleh Udin
Aidil Azhar
Hanita Mohd Yasin
Hikmah Dinillah
Muhammad Ikhmal
Nureha Mohamed
Marina Yusoff
Siti Syafawati
Emilinah Al-Nain
Nur Zahirah
Inshira Fara Rappa
Siti Nadhirah
Nur Aimi Ashikin
Siti Afnidah
Siti Hawa
Nur Aishah
Atiqah Nabilah
Nura Faisal
SV Nuraini
Nur Izyan
Kyrul Ashrie
Hamyza Halek
Nurul Amirah
Emielliana Mira
Siti Nurafiqah

Welcome to Hyrulites! Invites will be mailed to you within this week.

Do check your emails! c”,)

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  1. Hikmah
    September 10, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    Sorry,on that day.something came up and i didn’t com. I’m so sorry

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