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Sesebuah Perubahan Officially Launched


‘Sesebuah Perubahan’ has been officially launched

Thank you especially to our Official Venue Sponsor. Shout out to Shu Hui and Dawn. Thank you for your support and being the official venue to my debut album launch! It was a blast! I loved how perfect the setting was! Thank YOU!  c”,)

Thank you to Gumbira! Thank you Imran Ajmain for making this dream come true. It’s our first baby! Thank you for having so much faith in me and guiding me through it all. Hardwork paid off! Amin. Thank you Raudha Ismail for assisting and guiding me as well. I learnt alot and owe it to the both of you! Shoutout to Fadly Ahmad and Faliq Jamadin. Cheers to Rafik@Rafikoncept, Shah Shamshiri, Alvin Mahathir, Andy A Merican, Mimi(ONE), Reyza Hamizan & Sulu Sarawak.

Thank you to Playpause, Wan & Zee for designing the album cover. Sleek and just the way I want it! To Azni & Bobo for styling me up during photoshoot. Thank You! Also to Farhan, Azmi and Richard for taking the great shots! Wheeee!! ;))

Thank you to ATZU for sponsoring the outfit for the launch. Thank you Noah(U rock big time!) and Desmond(wish u cud be there!)

Thank you to Revoltage for the sponsorship of outfit for photoshoot. Just love Revoltage/Volta! Thanks Mark!!

Thanks you to Nabins for the sponsorship of photoshoot venue. Mr Nabin Naral, you rock big time! 😉

Thank you to Hyrulites! For being there all the time. Through ups n downs, I believe u guys still haf the faith and belief, in which it sparkled since 5 years ago, and now still burning in each of our hearts. Thank u Hyrulites Exco! Thank you to each and everyone of u who feels the heartbeat of being a Hyrulite! c”,)

Thank you to my awesome family for the encouragement and the undying support. Thank u shasha for being my sidekick and ensuring the best for her beloved elder brother. Thank u to all my other younger ones for having much faith in me.

Thank you to Hydir Idris for making me proud by singing a melodious medley of my previous singles ‘Kesal/Tanda Kasih’. A crooner, and a smooth balladeer. Remember what i told ya, keep the faith and humility strong. Don’t forget to excel in your studies too! Thank you Charlie!

To Shah Iskandar, Finally! You’ve been waiting for the day to be the emcee for my album launch. After many years, finally! Thank you for entertaining the guests, and hope this would be a better beginning aye. Take good care.

Thank you to my SSP mates, young and old lions! Thank you for being there. Really means a lot. Each and everyone of you, don’t stop pursuing your dreams!

To my new found frens from Gentarasa – G-Squad! Big shout out to everyone of you! Thank you for your support and wishes! Thank you especially to Abg Fadly Awaludin and Shasha Yakob, for being there. Miss you guys loads! Abg Fadly, you froze me for a good 1 minute! Haha

To ALL my celebrity frens, Thank you for being there. Too many names to mention but I really treasure your presence and am really grateful to share this beautiful moment with all of you! Thank you. You know who you are.

To all my other personal invites/frens, I’m simply grateful that you guys were there to witness this very moment. Thank You! c”,)

The Album will reach you guys in numerous CD stores in Singapore. Will update on that!

Otherwise, I’d be releasing MATA, as the next single Insyaallah. Please do give me your support and request it on radio when it’s up. Thanks a million!

Hope we could place the songs in the album as HITS on the charts! Amin c”,)

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