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I think you’ve shared this with me before.

i’ve made a promise to myself. for that certain kind of change. i’m going to be very positive. i’m going to start writing short notes for myself to constantly remind me of the recurring sources of negative vibes i get from people / things around me. does it only happen to me? or does it happen to you too? why do u reckon it happens to us?

thing is, i’m quite done listening to others pouring their hearts out and becoming the shoulder to cry on, cos in the end they’ll go right back to where they were. i dun see the point of them being awkward with my presence, it’s totally absurd. some hiding through pretense, assuming i would have known much about their hidden agendas. even if i do know some secrets, it’s never an asset and of no value to me. yes it gets locked in my memory for awhile, cos i tend to evaluate, but it doesn’t affect my judgement of the individuals cos my definition of friendship is far beyond that. i believe everyone is wise enough to think for themselves.

sometimes you wonder why they turn their backs on you? sometimes you wonder why they’re being rude? and sometimes you wonder what made them change? sometimes you just wonder what’s the freaking issue? i will start asking people directly now. it’s better than we keep on assuming or hearing from others. moreover, you never know if they’re influenced by meanie monsters.

Plus, no one even bothered to say ‘How are you?’ in the first place.

Let’s hope things will get better.

Oh wells, just smile. and smile. :))


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