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I can never thank you enough. For those who sincerely supported, for those who had eagerly worked in helping me stand strong through these gruelling years, for those who have appreciated my talent, my songs thus sincerely been requesting them on air, for those who have given me gifts which I’ve kept or cud have consumed, for those who have not only known me but my family and peers, and to those who have been acting hypocritically nice to me, for those who have slashed my dreams but still exuding pure innocence, least to keep me grounded and reminded that we’re no friggin’ stars, but merely beings with an extra gift, special ability or a sacred talent, bestowed upon us.

Whoever said it’s an easy crap, let me smudge it all over your face.

It boils down to how suck and blow them for pleasure, to be embraced and initiated into the accepting party. Just like how they believed in karma going round and round, that’s exactly how they’re toying with our lives because for some reason they have the been miraculously blessed with all the good things. If it’s was ever a choice in the beginning, it would have never been chosen. It disturbs me to see the sprouts of new hopes and enthusiasm rushing and fighting over places at the starting line. It’ll b my fantasy to use Hermoine’s wand and do what she does best, but with some ability for rushes of flashes to explain my stand.

If there was really the existence of cycles that determines the presence of happiness and fortune in your life, then I’m probably at my lowest over the last quarter of a decade. If there was really an epitome of a friend, I believe he or she could have already extinct, leaving  a few endangered ones still relentlessly trying to prove their worth.

Ironically, still relying on a tinge of hope. I’m exhausted. Honestly.

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