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It’s 1 year already!


TODAY 24/12/2010 marks my 1st Year Anniversary being an Independant Artiste.

Thank you for keeping me strong and sane, for having much faith in me — in times when i had to make tough decisions and times when i’m feeling down and demotivated; my family, close friends.

My heartfelt appreciation to Hyrulites Exco/Committee/s for sticking close and for the load of contributions to the success of my singing career all this while, though you guys are growing old too fast– but i’m proud to have a bunch of smart people leading the team, aware of hateful intentions and knowing how to handle consequences and complications. Even when the day comes when the phase is prolly over, I’d still remember your heart and sweat throughout giving your endless support to my passion for entertaining–

Cheers to my record label, Gumbira for the debut album SesebuahPerubahan and to everyone involved in the entire album production — those in Singapore and Malaysia. From the songs, lyrics, album cover, sponsors, stylists, photographers etc. Thank you especially to Imran Ajmain & Faliq Jamadin for being the executive producers to this meaningful product. Credits to Raudha for assisting me with alot of things throughout this one whole year, though you were never officially my manager –part time! lol. Thank you guys for realising my dream, after half a decade — Finally! Like what the hell have I been waiting for, right?!

Grateful and blessed to have the trust of people whom I’ve started my dream with, known since the beginning of my journey — Thank you for still having me on MediaCorp, Suria, Manja, Ria, Warna, Berita Harian, Newpaper, and all other local media/production/event companies. I could never thank enough for believing in my talent and my determination, despite the roller-coaster rides I had to go through into finally reaching a safe ground. Thank you for calling me up to perform in your shows/events/programmes. Thank you for still remembering Hyrul Anuar and making me a household name in the local scene.

This has only been a year. Nevertheless, it has been half a decade of learning, observing, evaluating, experimenting, reciprocating and crafting what’s coming in the near future.

I’m currently happily studying in UniSIM taking up BA in Comm, moving on to my 2nd year in 2011. I’m looking forward to working with more people and learning alot more about music, acting and probably hosting — eager to gain more knowledge if given the right opportunities.

Alhamdulillah, I’ve never felt this fulfilling before. It’s been one crazy year of many experiences – ups and downs. I’m not looking back, cos I know I left for better things ahead. I’ve mastered the art of patience and tolerating with negativities. Nevertheless, Twitter has been a good source to ease some pain — though I know there’s thousands of followers — but why hide behind someone you’re not. Allow me to speak my mind, Thanks.

Once again, Thank YOU.

Wishing EVERYONE Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011!!

c”,) Yours Sincerely
Hyrul Anuar

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