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I’d prefer to not intervene, and just smile when..

  • one’s talking about something I have no absolute clue about
  • them talking about someone whom I’m not familiar with
  • them talking about someone I know so well — but they have no idea that we’re close
  • one’s boasting too much on his/her own talent/capability
  • them judging on the ability of others
  • one’s explaining terms and concepts of matters I have no interest in
  • one’s convincing his/her understanding to areas out of their own capability
  • one’s boasting how much a ‘player’ he/she is/was
  • one’s proud of the number of guys/gerls he/she slept with
  • them discussing on acquiring new products from high-end brands
  • one’s frustration on someone/people but have no balls to do anything about it
  • them insinuating and criticizing but bowing their heads down low upfront
  • one’s thinking they’re smart when they have no idea what they’re dealing with
  • one’s foolish remarks
  • them saying so much but not acting upon every single word spoken

It’s tiring and can be quite painful to start an argument with such people. So I’d rather smile and keep my mouth shut.

So the next time if you see me not reacting much to whatever you’re saying, then maybe you should know why.

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